TEXAS–Summertime for the more than 700 tigers, primates, bears, horses, pigs and others living at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch means splashing, swimming and lounging under shade trees and enjoying refreshing icy fruit pops.   

The residents living at the 1,400-acre sanctuary in Murchison, Texas, have a variety of enrichment activities to keep them cool and safe, and life for these animals has not changed even during a pandemic.

A new video and photos released today show what summer looks like at the sanctuary, including capuchin Phoebe and gibbon Junebug enjoying refreshing treats like homemade organic fruit popsicles prepared by their caregivers. Others like Loki the tiger and Sammi the bear are spending their time playing in their pools or waterfalls. Eve the bear splashes up a storm in a large water trough under a big shade tree. Four hundred horses and donkeys play in one of their large ponds and sprinklers and the pigs have access to a shaded mud wallow. Macaque Willy loves water time in a cool vegan bubble bath.

Youtube Video

Photos and B-roll video

Caring for more than 700 animals at the sanctuary requires:

  • Several thousand pounds of food each week - 300 bags of feed, 200 to 400 pounds of fresh produce and hundreds of pounds of other diets appropriate for each species. The approximate cost: $11,500 weekly.
  • Administering medication or supplements for approximately 40% of residents every day. 
  • Providing 1,300 large round 1,000-pound bales of hay and 3,500 square 50 pounds bales of hay for 400 equine residents every year.

To help support the animals donate here or check out the sanctuary’s summer wish list on Amazon. 

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