LPM Holding Company Inc and Affiliates, a family-owned business serving predominantly business and industry food service operations, has launched a re-designed, innovative plant-based concept companywide in collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States, committing that 40% of its menu entrées will be plant-based by 2025.

LPM & Affiliates joins a growing list of Top 50 food service companies focused on shifting to plant-based offerings. “We believe that changing our menus is good for our customers and as well as the planet,” says LPM’s COO Brian Kahaly.

The innovative “Plant Power” concept was designed by HSUS chefs for LPM & Affiliates in early 2021, with a comprehensive range of action station concepts including a burger bar, Indian bar, Asian noodle bar, an elote nacho bar and a crepe bar for desserts. Recipes included chicken fried tofu burger, saag paneer with tofu, kung pao cauliflower, and chocolate hazelnut spread. Other stations include a pasta bar, Mexican bar and a Mediterranean mezze bar.

Over the course of 2022, the HSUS and LPM & Affiliates collaborated again to modify the concept to address the on-going pandemic challenges that have specifically affected food service within the business and industry sector. The entrée recipes have now been redesigned to be easily executed with the ingredients that are readily available. The meals can be placed in quick-serve outlets. The revisions include options like a Buffalo chickpea wrap and spicy noodle stir-fry with Korean tempeh.

The Plant Power concept also includes:

  • informational marketing for Plant Power options and menus.
  • on-demand Plant Power culinary training videos for LPM staff.
  • a detailed strategic incremental plan for accounts to reach 40% Plant Power menus by 2025.

“In spite of the operational challenges brought forth by the pandemic in the B&I sector, LPM has remained committed to all the revisions necessary to bring their Plant Power concept to life. Recent studies by The Good Food Institute show that almost one-third of consumers in the US highlighted the environment as one of their top three reasons for eating more plant-based foods, and LPM is responding to this demand with a robust and impactful sustainability initiative,” said Kate Watts, manager of food service innovation for the HSUS. “We’re pleased that sustainability is a top priority for the company, and it helps save animals, as well. We look forward to helping them achieve success in reaching their goal.”

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