MURCHISON, Texas—The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, is celebrating the holiday season this year with 12 days of Facebook videos that feature some of the nearly 400 horses and donkeys living at the sanctuary.

Hosted by the equine caregivers at Black Beauty from December 14 to 25, viewers will get a daily behind-the-scenes look at feeding time, caring and therapy treatments for special needs horses. The videos will also feature staff patrolling across the 800-acre pasture and other surprises. Caregivers will also read holiday-themed books alongside horses and share the back stories that brought these animals to the sanctuary.       

Noelle Almrud, senior director of Black Beauty, said, “We want to give a virtual holiday gift to our supporters and share an inside look at what it takes to properly care for hundreds of horses and donkeys every day. Our expert equine caregivers will take viewers through an array of daily activities and introduce some of our incredible animals who were rescued from cruelty and neglect. We miss being able to offer our monthly tours due to the pandemic and created this virtual alternative experience for all to enjoy!”   

Some of the residents who will be featured are Katniss, a special needs mustang; Pride, rescued from a Humane Society of the United States undercover investigation into soring of Tennessee walking horses; Stewie, a donkey found as a stray by law enforcement; and Mulan, part of a large rescue of over 800 feral mustangs who were found starving. Along with nearly 800 residents at the 1,400-acre sanctuary—from tigers, bears and primates to the nearly 400 donkeys and horses—these animals are living happily ever after with proper care at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives. 

Videos will post at 9:00 a.m. CST daily on Facebook.  

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