MURCHISON—Two former pet monkeys, Phoenix and Phoebe, have a new forever home at The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Until recently, the two capuchins lived with a couple in east Texas who had them since they were babies. As often happens with pet monkeys, their canine teeth were removed. Phoebe, a 19-year old weeper (wedge capped) capuchin, and her companion Phoenix, an 18-year old castrated blacked capped (tufted) capuchin, are adjusting well to their new home located at the 1,400 acre ranch, operated by the Fund for Animals in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States.

According to Noelle Almrud, CABBR director, “These monkeys are now getting the proper medical care, diet, exercise and socialization that they need. They have already shown off their unique personalities. Phoenix is extremely intelligent. He loves puzzles and figures them out quickly, and he enjoys putting Legos together—and taking them apart. Phoebe is busy playing with sand and water and carries around a blanket for her naps. They are making friends with Jackie, Posh Spice and Baby Spice, our three other capuchins also rescued from the exotic pet trade or retired from biomedical research. Our group of five capuchins are now bonding and forming their own family group as they would in the wild.”

Many monkeys from these situations are not so lucky. Countless owners are unable to provide the level of care and stimulation these monkeys need. They often end up living in solitary cages with little to no socialization. As a result, many end up exhibiting aggression, depression and stereotypical behaviors.

Although most incidents are likely unreported, records show that more than 200 people, including scores of children, have been injured by primates kept as pets since 1990. Children have been attacked and injured by pet primates while riding their bikes, playing outdoors, visiting local parks, walking their dogs, and shopping at malls and grocery stores.

To help monkeys like Phoebe, Phoenix and the over 800 other animals living at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, donate today.


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