A 100-mile conservation expedition

PDC on the Transect is a mission-driven adventure to team build and bring attention to the big landscapes needed to restore Great Plains wildlife populations—while there’s still time left; black-tailed prairie dogs have declined more than 95%.

The Prairie Dog Coalition (PDC) of the Humane Society of the United States, Defenders of Wildlife and American Prairie Reserve will be teaming up to make this seven-day trek to attempt to fund the expansion of critical black-footed ferret habitat in this key conservation area. From landscape planning to boots on the ground, the PDC and Defenders of Wildlife are creating stepping stones of habitat to connect with the adjacent Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

The journey
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Miles traveled
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MODES OF TRANSPORTATION: Biking, hiking and canoeing
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STOPS: Craighead Hut, Judith Landing, McGarry Bar, Cow Island, James Kipp, Ferret Camp and Enrico Center
HSUS staff holding a prairie dog during habitat and translocation work

Prairie dogs are associated with more than 117 other species, many of whom depend on them for prey and their burrows for shelter. Our primary goal is to save the prairie dog while there’s still time. Follow along as we dig into the prairie dog’s true story and post daily travel updates from the field.

Who is completing the transect?

The Prairie Dog Coalition (PDC) is committed to keeping prairie dogs on the landscape in key conservation areas. We collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, agencies, landowners, concerned citizens and scientists dedicated to the protection of prairie dogs and advancing stronger management plans for the prairie dog ecosystem.

The PDC promotes and conducts conservation projects, advocates for nonlethal management practices and provides educational and outreach resources that advance prairie dog protection and recovery.

The transector team consists of PDC staff members Amy Ackerman, Lindsey Sterling Krank and Kristen Nelson, Chamois Anderson from Defenders of Wildlife and HSUS staff/interns Jessica James-Janson, Dave Pauli, Autumn Randall, Brianne Santo and Sereen Sumner.

Meet the Team

How you can help

Our goal is for everyone to learn one new or awesome thing about the prairie dog ecosystem. Please share the information you learn about prairie dogs with your family, friends, co-workers and political representatives.

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Ghia Speakman
Ghia Speakman

Help us stop the senseless killing and promote humane solutions to conflicts between prairie dogs and people. Your gift will also fund our on-the-ground prairie dog ecosystem conservation work.

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