Humane solutions to help your wild neighbors

The Humane Society of the United States works with community leaders and animal care and control agencies to create Wild Neighbors communities, where humane and non-lethal solutions are given priority when addressing conflicts between people and wildlife. Learn more about the innovative and effective approaches you can take to solve any wild animal problems you encounter in your home, yard or garden. 

Baby owl at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

If you find a wild animal in distress, search for a wildlife rehabilitator in your area. 

squirrel in tree

Find a wildlife removal professional who uses humane, effective practices.

Baby fawn deer lying in the grass

How to tell if a baby animal needs your help—and what you can do.

flying fox bat

What to do about bats.

Wild beaver in the water

What to do about beavers.

Black bear with head resting on a tree stump

What to do about black bears.

Goose standing in the grass

What to do about Canada geese.

Chimney swift

What to do about chimney swifts.

Chipmunk on land protected by WLT

What to do about chipmunks.

mountain lion in the wild

What to do about cougars.

coyote in Death Valley National Park

What to do about coyotes.

Crow sitting on a branch

What to do about crows.

Wild deer in Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park

What to do about deer.


What to do about foxes.

wild mouse

What to do about mice.

Opossum in a tree

What to do about opossums.

Pigeon posting on a gate

What to do about pigeons.

prairie dog jump-yipping

What to do about prairie dogs.

wild rabbits

What to do about rabbits.

Raccoon babies huddled together in their tree home

What to do about raccoons.

Brown rat in the wild

What to do about rats.

Cute skunk in the grass.

What to do about skunks.


What to do about snakes.

Sparrow on a branch

What to do about sparrows.

Starling perched in a tree

What to do about starlings.

Wild turkeys in the Utah mountains

What to do about wild turkeys.

woodchuck in the grass

What to do about woodchucks.

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Squirrel on the roof

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Skunks digging

Fence out digging animals

Woodchuck in backyard

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Raccoon in a tree

Understanding rabies

Frog by the edge of a swimming pool

Pool safety for wild animals

Chipmunk eating in a garden

Unauthorized nibblers in the garden

Bird at bird feeder near the windows of a house

Make your windows bird-safe