The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is putting the nation’s animals at risk.

People are losing the ability to pay for essential supplies and veterinary care for pets and horse rescues, wildlife sanctuaries and other organizations are struggling with staffing and resource shortages.

Your emergency gift will help us respond to this crisis and the ripple effect on animals in need due to increased poverty now and in the months and years ahead. Donations will help offset veterinary costs and provide food and supplies to those impacted most, including, but not limited to, clients of the Rural Area Veterinary Services program, Pets for Life clients and the HSUS’s nearly 400 nationwide Shelter and Rescue Partners. These organizations are our partners as we work to maintain the human-animal bond during this difficult time.

Your gift will also support our efforts to help individuals and organizations prepare and respond to this crisis and future needs related to the pandemic, our efforts to address the causes of this crisis and our future work to address its impacts on animals, plus help to increase the infrastructure and capacity of response efforts through fundraising, education and awareness spreading.

Help keep people and pets together.

Pet owners hit hardest by COVID-19 will soon be facing immense financial barriers to veterinary access and other animal care services. They need your help.

Pets for Life client and her dog
Nicole Rosenberg

As we have seen during other times of economic hardship, pet owners are often forced to surrender their beloved companions when their financial distress exceeds their ability to afford the cost of caring for them. Shelters and rescue groups then struggle to absorb that cost. Your gift will enable us to support animal shelters and rescues, equine organizations and others. Through our nationwide network and state directors, we are uniquely positioned to identify and respond to these needs.

Additionally, we are working to address the public health risks of the wildlife trade, which is believed to be the cause of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keeping families together is critical to the recovery from this unprecedented crisis and the Humane Society of the United States is striving to address immediate and long-term needs in order to ensure the best possible outcome for people and animals across the country.

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