Fur factory farms and trappers kill millions of animals each year using brutal methods just for their fur. With your help, the Humane Society of the United States is fighting back—and winning—with brands, cities and countries moving away from fur. But to make progress, we need you. Here are five simple ways you can help stop the unnecessary killing of animals for their fur:

1. Support cruelty-free alternatives

When consumers refuse to purchase animal fur, designers will stop using it, retailers will stop selling it and fashion writers will stop reporting on it as an acceptable trend. You can take a stand with every purchase you make—use our guide to differentiating animal fur from fake fur.

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2. Speak up and educate

Share information about the problems with animal fur with friends and family, on social media, in online comments and in letters to the editor.

3. Engage in the marketplace

Ask fashion brands, retailers and designers if they have a fur-free policy. If they do, thank them with supportive emails and online comments. If they do not, politely let them know you won’t support them while they profit from cruelty.

4. Join the Fur-Free Campaign 

Keep up on the latest developments and actions to protect animals from the fur trade on social media.

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5. Donate

Please help us continue our ongoing work to stop the fur industry.

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