Breathtaking photography is often the centerpiece of the Humane Society of the United States’ communications channels. We strive to use authentic photography as often as possible and we abide by a Photo Ethics Policy [PDF] to safeguard our supporters’ trust in the integrity and credibility of our work on behalf of animals. To contact our Photo Team or request temporary access to our photo library, email us.

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Photographing animal rescue and rehab operations. Documenting our advocacy efforts and community outreach events. Covering editorial and portrait assignments for our magazines. Our volunteer, freelance and professional staff photographers are there to capture it all!

You can be a part of it. The Humane Society of the United States has hundreds of photo needs each year, including individual image purchases and freelance photography assignments, both in the United States and internationally. To help grow our network of professional photographers, we’ve launched a Photographer Directory. Join us in our efforts to improve the lives of animals worldwide by registering today.

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Working with the Humane Society of the United States has really opened my eyes to the devastating reality of animal abuse, as well as the passion people have to care for animals who have been abused. Through my photographs, I hope to open people’s eyes and show the truth of how some animals have been cruelly kept and their journey to a new loving life.

David Sokol, freelance photographer

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Let other animal groups in your area know you’re available by granting permission when you sign up to allow us to share your information in a public directory of photographers. By doing so, you’ll help us provide the entire animal welfare community with an easy way of finding professional photographers in their area. The more we all use powerful imagery to deliver our messages, the more animals we can help as a movement.