How do I become a member of the HSUS?

To become a member of the HSUS, sign up using our secure form or call 866-720-2676 to join today. Members who donate $25 or more annually will receive a one-year subscription to our award-winning magazine, All Animals.

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How do I change my name or address with the HSUS?

To change your name or address, please send us your previous and current contact information. You may note this on your donation form, provide it via email or call us at 866-720-2676. Once your record is updated, it takes eight to 12 weeks for the changes to take effect, as we process our mail in advance.

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How do I cancel my monthly donation?

Your monthly donation may be canceled by contacting our Donor Care team at 1-866-720-2676 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Why is BlackBaud showing up on my credit card statement after I donated to the HSUS?

BlackBaud is the payment processor for the HSUS and its affiliates. We have asked to have the HSUS (or affiliate) name displayed on the credit card statement when a donation is made, but it is up to each individual credit card company as to how items are displayed on an individual’s statement. We are working with the different credit card companies to rectify this situation and hope to have this matter resolved in the near future.

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Can I modify the number of mailings that I receive?

Yes! To change the number of mailings you receive, please contact us. We can decrease your correspondence. We will need your full name and address and the number of mailings you'd like to receive. Please note that it takes eight to 12 weeks for the mail to reflect the changes, as we process our mail in advance.

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Why do I receive HSUS mailings addressed from Washington, DC and Phoenix, Arizona?

As the largest animal protection organization in the country, the HSUS receives a large volume of mail. To best coordinate the timely receipt and processing of all correspondence, the HSUS utilizes two mail houses, one in Washington, DC and one in Phoenix, Ariz. When responding to an HSUS mailing, we encourage you to use the provided postage-paid envelopes. This will ensure that your donations and letters are processed in a timely manner.

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How do I request a receipt to document my donation?

The HSUS does not send receipts for individual donations under $75 unless specifically requested. Individuals who have made a one-time donation of $75 or more automatically receive a receipt. If you would like to receive a receipt for a single donation you made to the HSUS, please call our membership department at 866-720-2676 and we can mail you a receipt.

Members who donate online automatically receive a donation receipt sent to their registered email account each time their donations are processed online. Online donors also have the ability to log into their online profile pages and view their online donation history.

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I sent in my HSUS membership renewal, but I received another "renewal" notice. Why?

The HSUS develops its mailings two months in advance. Often, a donation and the renewal notice cross in the mail. Be assured that for every donation of $10 or more, your membership is extended for one year from the date your gift is processed.

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Does the HSUS exchange information with other organizations?

Yes. In addition to your contributions, donors assist the HSUS by allowing us to exchange their name with organizations whose missions support the work we do. Rest assured that no confidential information is exchanged. To remove your name from our exchange list, please contact us by email or call 866-720-2676. You can also send your request to:

The Humane Society of the United States
1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450
Washington, DC 20037
ATTN: Member Services

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What is my membership number?

This information exchange applies only to postal addresses. The HSUS respects your privacy and will never sell, rent, trade or share your email address.

Your membership number is listed on the reply card of each HSUS mailing. Either above or below your name and address, there should be a long series of letters and numbers. The second section of that series is your membership number. For example: If the series "2101 123456789 2 H43W29" is listed on your mailing, then your membership number is "123456789."

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