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Several cats tightly crammed inside a dirty cage.

Maybe you’ve seen those videos of our Animal Rescue Team saving animals from hurricanes, floods and large-scale neglect situations. We HSUS staffers who toil in front of computer screens and aren’t directly involved in rescues have seen those videos too. And sometimes we feel a little left out and...

By James Hettinger

The Humane Society of the United States is assisting the Gaston County Police Department in rescuing several dogs from an alleged dogfighting operation on a property in Gaston County, North Carolina. Local authorities served a search and seizure warrant on a 1.5-acre property at approximately 7:15 a...

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Illustration of sad woman under a broken umbrella in a rainstorm. A black dog tries to comfort her while animals endure the storm.

You’d think it would be easy to persuade people to protect prairie dogs: Not only are they a keystone species, with nine other species directly dependent on them for survival, but they’re also irresistibly cute, with big eyes and big personalities. Yet the personable little rodents often find...

By Bethany W. Adams
Photo of a mink in the wild

Together with you, we made real progress for animals during another unusual year. Thank you for sticking with us, so we can be there for them. Here’s what you’ve shown us in 2021. You won’t stand for fur. In 2020, consumers made the connection between the fur trade and dangerous diseases that pose a...

By Kelly L. Williams