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Foxes are omnivores, hunting very small animals and scavenging in cities and towns where freely available pet food and garbage can make life easier. It’s not unusual for a fox to be seen out and about during the day. Foxes are afraid of people and will usually run away when they detect your presence...

Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors

Plant-based eating benefits people, animals and the planet.


The Minnesota Division of the Izaak Walton League and the Humane Society of the United States are calling on state policymakers to prohibit the indiscriminate killing of wild animals for cash and prizes in the form of wildlife killing contests. During these events, which take place in Minnesota and...

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Thanks to widespread pet vaccinations, effective post-exposure treatment and the relative rarity of undetected bites by rabid animals, the number of human deaths from rabies in the United States caused has declined to an average of only one or two per year—far less than the number of human...