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A philosophy driven by social justice.

Kid and his cat at Pets for Life event

On the concrete front porch of this rundown row house, along a narrow street in a rough neighborhood named Hunting Park, eight men sit outside drinking one October afternoon. Two pit bulls and a small dog lie at their feet; the adjoining house next door has boards across its first-floor windows...

Michael Sharp

Five local animal care organizations from around the country have been selected to receive the Pets for Life Mentorship program grant. Provided by The Humane Society of the United States and PetSmart Charities® and totaling $250,000, the grant will allow the recipients to provide direct care...

Press Release
Einstein the marmoset in a tree

“Marmoset chauffeur” isn’t listed in Christine Coughlin’s job description as HSUS Minnesota state director, but that’s what she (temporarily) became in November. Coughlin and St. Paul animal control supervisor Molly Lunaris drove a 4-year-old marmoset named Einstein on the first leg of the tiny...

by Kelly L. Williams

WASHINGTON—Since 2010, the Humane Society of the United States Pets for Life program has addressed lack of access to pet resources in underserved communities around the country through outreach and support services to pet owners. The program operates in 36 markets, and has provided over 400,000...

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Man visits with some neighborhood kitties.

“There's another house burning,” Kristen Huston says, steering her white sedan, its trunk loaded with pet supplies, into one of the neighborhoods where her organization, All About Animals Rescue, does outreach. “Do you smell it?” In the back seat, HSUS staffers Jason Schipkowski and Ashley Mutch...

M. Carrie Allan

Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe. But when the weather gets warmer, it can be deadly. High temperatures can cause irreparable organ damage and even death. Protecting animals from an unnecessary death is a problem we can all agree to prevent. How to help a pet left in a hot car Take down the...


The Humane Society of the United States’ Pets for Life program provides free veterinary care and support services in communities with limited or no access to pet wellness resources, and is dedicated to bridging the gap between animal service providers and millions of people and pets living in...

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Take these five steps to reduce the symptoms of pet allergies.


The Humane Society of the United States has partnered with the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver and the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Shelter Medicine program to conduct a four-year study on the health impacts of HSUS’s Pets for Life program. Researchers will be...

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Pets for Life staff member with a van full of supplies

The stories reach Amanda Arrington via text message these days: The immunocompromised hospital worker in Milwaukee who brought her spunky dog, Rusty, onto her porch to give a socially distant thanks when a Pets for Life team member dropped off dog food. The veteran with four dogs—including a...

By Kelly L. Williams

Pet food and other necessities To locate a pet food pantry or other pet-related community service, explore an interactive resource map provided by Feeding Pets of the Homeless; just choose which resource you’re seeking under the “Get Help” listing on the right. Or contact your local shelter and...


Last updated April 16, 2021 Contents What has the Humane Society of the United States been doing to address the COVID-19 crisis? What has been done at the state level? Should I have a preparedness plan for my pet(s)? Can my pet get COVID-19? How can I keep my home clean and safe for my pets? What...

Photo illustration showing a domestic cat and an exotic cat

If you had driven by the idyllic-looking suburban home near Albany, New York, you would have never known that six African exotic cats had, for more than a decade, been living in the dark basement. In the wild, servals, often referred to as reed cats, typically live near water. The largely solitary...

by Michael Di Paola & Ruthanne Johnson
Illustration of a family with a dog in front of their house with eviction sign on it, surrounded by their belongings.

Editor’s note: In late December of 2020, Congress approved a stimulus deal that extended the federal evictions moratorium until Jan. 31 and provided $25 billion in rental assistance. On Jan. 20, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the moratorium until at least...

Story by Karen E. Lange • Illustrations by Rachel Stern
Corey, a blind dog, carries a red toy in his backyard

When she managed a veterinary eye clinic in Portland, Oregon, Caroline Levin witnessed some heartbreaking scenes. “I’m sorry,” the veterinarian would tell a pet owner. “Your dog is blind. There is nothing we can do.” “The people would leave in tears,” Levin says, “whether it was some little old lady...

Ruthanne Johnson