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Opossums get a bum rap: Most problems people think have with opossums are really caused by other animals. But we can help you solve those, too.

Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors

Often maligned and misunderstood, opossums play many important roles in their ecosystems.


This editorial originally appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on November 14, 2005. The Georgia Aquarium will have its grand opening on November 23. Highlights include two whale sharks, the only exhibit of this species in North America, and its newest acquisitions, five beluga whales, two...

Naomi A Rose, PhD

Wildlife habitat is increasingly engulfed by suburban sprawl, and the white-tailed deer has not only adapted but thrives in our altered landscapes. Short-cropped lawns and tasty flowers in suburban backyards provide exactly the kind of food that deer prefer. People often assume there are "too many...