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Rescuer Justine Hill works on leash training with a white dog named Gahee

Of the more than 150 dogs rescued in October from a South Korean dog meat farm, most have already found loving homes—but a dozen or so require a bit of extra TLC first. Their surroundings at an HSUS-run temporary shelter are a far cry from the filthy, cramped cages where they awaited a gruesome fate...

Mir the dog surveying a pond on a large property that is now his home.

The first time Joni Conley saw her new furry family member run around her hay farm, it was clear that he’d spent most of his former life in a cage. “It was like he didn’t know where his legs were,” she recalls. “When he got the zoomies, I thought he was gonna blow a knee out!”


Dogs are the canine companions who have shared our lives for millennia.

Photo of Minnow the dog laying in the grass.

Minnow It makes sense that her best friends are turkeys. Minnow spent the first five months of her life on a dog meat farm in South Korea before she was rescued by Humane Society International in 2015 and adopted by Abbie Hubbard, who worked at a Virginia shelter where the rescued dogs were flown...

A Veterinarian treats a dog rescued from the China dog meat trade.

WARNING: This page contains graphic content. Editor's note: Since this article first published, activists have continued to go to Yulin to protest its annual dog meat festival and rescue dogs. A recent HSI investigation revealed that about 300 dogs are killed each day in the Yulin to supply the city...

Dogs in filthy cages at a dog meat farm in South Korea

It’s still dark, the coming dawn a wash of paler blue in the inky sky over Namyangju, a small city outside of Seoul, when the line of vans turns off the main highway onto a gravel side road. The vans ascend the narrow drive up a brushy, frozen hillside, assembling above a cluster of ramshackle metal...


A group of 171 dogs saved from South Korea’s brutal dog meat trade are starting their search for loving homes in the United States and Canada. Humane Society International rescued the dogs as part of its campaign to end the dog meat trade, and flew them to the U.S. Here, its affiliate the Humane...

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A soft landing below the trees

The woodland phloxes bring the heavenly scents of spring, and the fireflies bring the sparkling lights of summer. Even in the depths of winter, cardinals, white-throated sparrows, northern flickers, mourning doves and squirrels bring all the music and entertainment we could ever need—right in front...


Row upon row of cages were filled with barking Labs, retrievers, shepherds and mixes—all eager to greet the Humane Society International rescuers who had just arrived at a dog meat farm in South Korea last October. As research student Myles Wallingford moved around the property, he saw the...

Illustration of a dog and cat looking out a window at backyard wildlife.

Somewhere toward the end of the last ice age, we formed an alliance with wolves: Maybe the ancestors of dogs got food scraps while our own ancestors gained protection from predators and other humans. These social species eventually collaborated on a vast scale, possibly even hunting woolly mammoths...

Dogs in filthy conditions at a dog meat farm in South Korea

When the U.S.-based rescuers from Humane Society International touched down in Seoul in mid-October, they faced the usual jet lag. But rather than tackle it by jumping head-first into their work—shutting down their 17th South Korean dog meat farm—they went straight to a hotel … and straight into...

Photograph showing wildlife-friendly plantings in Janet and Jeff Crouch’s yard

The delegate seemed ready to pick a fight, already having mocked a proposed plastic bag ban and other pro-environment bills on the day’s agenda. As I finished my testimony in support of wildlife-friendly plantings, I steeled myself for a heated debate. But on that gray afternoon in February 2020...