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Monarch butterfly in flowers

The suspect creeping up near my front fence was a tough character—broad-leafed and thick-stemmed and threatening to invade my property and swallow it whole if I didn’t act fast. There was no hesitation that summer morning as I headed to work: Off with his head! It was a decision made all too easy by...

Nancy Lawson

Your ability to vote (and mobilize other voters) is your superpower in the lawmaking arena The primary motivation of your legislators is getting reelected. The number and strength of the animal-friendly laws we’re able to pass is directly proportionate to the strength of the voting bloc for animals...

Feral cats sitting together by a food bowl

Beth McNulty was used to seeing the occasional cat cross her property. In her rural community in Monrovia, Maryland, some of her neighbors let their pet cats roam free. And from time to time, a stray would show up and take shelter in her backyard shed. Over the years, she’d adopted two of these...

Julie Falconer
Band of wild horses

Editor's Note: After this story was originally published, it was brought to our attention that some of the language could be interpreted differently than intended. The HSUS does not believe that wild horses are overpopulated, and the story's subtitle has been revised to remove the word...

Karen E. Lange
White tiger in a cage at a traveling circus

The white Bengal tiger paces back and forth, back and forth in a squat cage on the edge of the show ring. The cage is little longer than the tiger's body. The clock ticks down to the start of three scheduled performances at this fair in Pennsylvania. Potted palms and wooden masks decorate the ring...

by Karen E. Lange
Parrot with no feathers due to self-mutilation.

She embodied all the magic and the misery of modern parrots. Sofia popped off her perch, climbed up my arm, and leaned into my face. A Moluccan cockatoo, among the world’s most stunning birds, Sofia’s most distinctive feature is her huge round head—big, white, and inviting as a fluffy pillow. She...

Charles Bergman

What should I do to keep my pets safe during disasters? What can the HSUS do to help? Where do the animals go when you transport them out of these communities? Do you transport missing pets out of the disaster impact region? How can I support the HSUS’s work to help animals impacted by the tornadoes...

A grey wolf calls out at Glacier National Park in Montana.

EDITOR'S NOTE: After this article appeared in the Jan/Feb issue of All Animals, the White House announced that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will leave his position at the end of the year. As a draw for tourists from around the world, the wolves in Denali National Park are worth millions of dollars...

By Karen E. Lange