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So you've decided to get a rabbit: You've learned what it takes to provide great care and an appropriate diet, you've bunny-proofed your house, you've found a great rabbit veterinarian and you're ready to give one or two (or more) special bunnies the attention and exercise they need every day. But...


Because beauty should be kind.

Big Fight

Together, we can reduce⁠—and eventually end⁠—harmful animal testing.


Contents How many dogs are used in experiments every year? What kinds of experiments are dogs used in? What kinds of institutions use dogs in experiments? Which laboratories in the U.S. have the largest number of dogs in their possession? Where do laboratories get the dogs they use in experiments...


For decades, animal welfare advocates have been working to end the testing of makeup and personal care products on animals. See how far we've come and how you can help support the Be Cruelty-Free campaign, our global effort to end cosmetic cruelty. Read Our Cosmetics Testing FAQ 2022 | 2021 | 2020 |...