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To end the cruel treatment of dogs in mass breeding operations.

Big Fight

Between July and August 2019, a hidden-camera investigation conducted by the Humane Society of the United States in the Frisco, Texas, Petland store uncovered both animal mistreatment and rampant disease. Citations for alleged violations of the city animal control ordinance are reportedly pending...

Press Release

Steps you can take to stop animal abuse


Update 4/3/19: A day after the Humane Society of the United States released the results of its undercover investigation and two days after police searched the premises, Petland announced that it was cutting ties with the franchise store in Fairfax, Virginia, and removed its company name from the...

by Karen E. Lange

Facts, statistics and trends of animals abused in the U.S. Categories of animals abused, relationship to domestic violence and legislative trends.


Together, we can reduce needless cruelty to animals.


Contents What is animal cruelty? Why is it a concern? Why would anyone be cruel to animals? Is there any evidence of a connection between animal cruelty and human violence? What happens when authorities prosecute an animal cruelty case? Can reports be made anonymously? How many animals are victims...