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This editorial originally appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on November 14, 2005. The Georgia Aquarium will have its grand opening on November 23. Highlights include two whale sharks, the only exhibit of this species in North America, and its newest acquisitions, five beluga whales, two...

Naomi A Rose, PhD

Contents What should I do to prepare for wildfires in my area? I need help evacuating pets from my residence/shelter. Where do I start? I am worried about my horses/large animals as the fire spreads. Where do I start? We are under emergency evacuation orders and I don’t have a trailer for my horses...


Humans are fascinated by the intelligent and gregarious nature of the dolphin. As one consequence of this fascination, dolphins are commercially exploited in marine parks, aquaria and "swim-with-the-dolphins" (SWTD) attractions worldwide. In the United States, the Department of Commerce's National...


Dolphins are highly intelligent and social marine mammals.