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Photo collage of a roadside zoo brochure, ticket, a camera and a photograph of a girl with baby tigers.

Danielle Tepper had always loved dolphins. When she went on vacation to Hawaii, she knew she had to see them firsthand. Tepper—now a senior editor at the Humane Society of the United States—wanted to do it ethically, so she avoided captive dolphin attractions. Instead, she booked an excursion to...

By Brianna Grant
White tiger in a cage at a traveling circus

The white Bengal tiger paces back and forth, back and forth in a squat cage on the edge of the show ring. The cage is little longer than the tiger's body. The clock ticks down to the start of three scheduled performances at this fair in Pennsylvania. Potted palms and wooden masks decorate the ring...

by Karen E. Lange

MURCHISON, Texas—India and Elsa, the two young “pet” tigers found earlier this year roaming in Texas neighborhoods—India in Houston and Elsa in San Antonio—are spending their first summer living the good life at Black Beauty Ranch. The Humane Society of the United States released photos and new...

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Dolphins are highly intelligent and social marine mammals.