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Collage of wildlife from wildlife sanctuaries

Imagine venturing so far into nature that your only surroundings are the beauty of the landscape, the sky and the wildlife living in that unspoiled habitat. Two volunteers for the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, an affiliate of The HSUS, recently did just that, visiting protected land to observe...

Emily Smith
Fawn sitting in the grass.

The woman on the phone was anxious but determined. She was calling City Wildlife, a rescue and rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C., because her dog had dug up a rabbit nest and killed three of the babies. There was one survivor. “I’m going to get some kitten formula and start feeding it...

Kelly L. Williams

Today, the National Marine Fisheries Service released details of their final plan to reduce the number of North Atlantic right whales who become entangled in the heavy ropes used in commercial lobster and crab fishing gear. Only approximately 360 right whales remain in the ocean, due in large part...

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