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REMEMBER: If it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pets (or any other animals in your care). Please closely follow evacuation orders from authorities and always be prepared. There are plenty of ways you, too, can help people and pets during disasters! Learn More

A soft landing below the trees

The woodland phloxes bring the heavenly scents of spring, and the fireflies bring the sparkling lights of summer. Even in the depths of winter, cardinals, white-throated sparrows, northern flickers, mourning doves and squirrels bring all the music and entertainment we could ever need—right in front...


1. Because you'll help a pet in need. Each year, millions of pets enter shelters and rescues in the United States, many surrendered by loving families who can’t access pet-friendly housing or veterinary care, while others find their way as victims of cruelty. While the number of animals who are...