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Photo of Minnow the dog laying in the grass.

Minnow It makes sense that her best friends are turkeys. Minnow spent the first five months of her life on a dog meat farm in South Korea before she was rescued by Humane Society International in 2015 and adopted by Abbie Hubbard, who worked at a Virginia shelter where the rescued dogs were flown...

By Karen E. Lange
Photo of HSUS president and CEO Kitty Block petting a cat in an alleged neglect situation in Muncie, Indiana.

In October 2021, the Humane Society of the United States arrived in Muncie, Indiana to assist local police in rescuing of dozens of cats from an alleged severe neglect situation. Video producer Thom Stromer joined the HSUS Animal Rescue Team to assist with the rescue and document the scene and the...

By Brianna Grant
HSUS Animal Rescue Team rescuing a cat following Hurricane Harvey

When a railroad track bed blocked their path, the two HSUS rescuers and the head of Beaumont’s animal shelter got out of their boat and waded a mile in the brown water pouring through the neighborhood. They pushed toward a house where the owner had reported a Chihuahua and kitten still inside...

Karen Lange
Illustration of the mobile vet unit.
Text by Julie Falconer ■ Illustrations by Rachel Stern