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The Humane Society of the United States was founded to tackle animal welfare challenges beyond the reach of local organizations and to supplement the essential work of animal shelters and rescues by addressing the root causes of animal cruelty, advocating for stronger laws to ensure the protection...


Humane organizations are coming together to support bipartisan legislation to give dogs and cats used by laboratories the chance at a new home. The bills are collectively known as “Teddy’s Law” in honor of a beagle rescued from a Michigan laboratory in 2019. Teddy’s life was spared following an...

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About our volunteers Animal rescue volunteers work with the Animal Rescue and Response team to help save animals who are the victims of illegal animal cruelty and natural disasters. Whether an out of control hoarder or dogfighting operation, or hurricane or puppy mill, animal rescue volunteers...


How many animals are used each year in U.S. laboratories for biomedical research? What is the most commonly used species of animal in biomedical research? Where do animals in biomedical research laboratories come from? What happens to the animals when an experiment ends? What is the position of the...

HSUS Animal Rescue Team rescuing a cat following Hurricane Harvey

When a railroad track bed blocked their path, the two HSUS rescuers and the head of Beaumont’s animal shelter got out of their boat and waded a mile in the brown water pouring through the neighborhood. They pushed toward a house where the owner had reported a Chihuahua and kitten still inside...

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Who are Shelter and Rescue Partners?


Together, we can reduce⁠—and eventually end⁠—harmful animal experiments.