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Skunks are infamous producers of an odor so powerful that it quickly and easily communicates a clear message: “Don’t mess with me”

Adapted from the book Wild Neighbors

Misunderstood skunks are gentle, near-sighted animals with one infamous—and pungent—defense mechanism.


Thanks to widespread pet vaccinations, effective post-exposure treatment and the relative rarity of undetected bites by rabid animals, the number of human deaths from rabies in the United States caused has declined to an average of only one or two per year—far less than the number of human...


The Humane Society of the United States commends the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and Secretary Mike Naig for upgrading the state’s companion animal welfare regulations. The improved standards of care go into effect today and will greatly increase the quality of life for...

Press Release

Here are seven ways you can take action to make a difference for dogs suffering in puppy mills: 1. Help make your local pet store puppy-friendly The Puppy-Friendly Pet Stores initiative asks dog lovers everywhere to help their local pet stores implement puppy-friendly policies by refusing to sell...


To end the cruel treatment of dogs in mass breeding operations.

Big Fight

To see Teddy and Millie now —playful and friendly, outgoing and affectionate—you’d never guess what they’ve endured in their short lives. As part of an unnecessary test commissioned by Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva Agriscience), the beagles were force-fed a pesticide every day for nearly a year at a...


Contents How many dogs are used in research and testing? What is the difference between research and testing? What kind of research and testing are dogs used in? What kinds of institutions use dogs in research and testing? Which research institutions in the U.S. have the largest number of dogs in...


Contents What is a puppy mill? What is the HSUS doing about puppy mills? Are there any laws that regulate puppy mills? There is a puppy mill in my area. How can I get the authorities to investigate and shut it down? I bought a puppy and they got sick. What can I do? Should I get a puppy or other...