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Founded in 2010 in partnership with Amanda Hearst and her pup, Finn, the Humane Generation New York committee supports the HSUS Stop Puppy Mills campaign to combat the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills and to advocate for pet adoption. Committee members raise funds for rescue efforts and public awareness initiatives. The committee was originally named Friends of Finn after Amanda Hearst's dog, Finn, a pet store pup who turned out to be from a puppy mill. Chaired by Georgina Bloomberg, Humane Generation New York is a part of the Humane Generation Philanthropy program.

Meet the members of Humane Generation New York.


Georgina Bloomberg serves on the Humane Society of the United States Board of Directors and is the Chair of the Humane Generation New York committee. She is a competitive show jumper and the co-author of four young adult novels about the equestrian show circuit. Georgina is an EQUUStar for the EQUUS Foundation and serves on the board of the Hampton Classic Horse Show, the Lake Placid Horse Show, the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Foundation and the Bloomberg Family Foundation. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the United States Equestrian Team and Vice President of Animal Aid USA. In 2006, she founded The Riders Closet, a program that collects used riding clothes and donates them to intercollegiate riding programs and other riders in need. Bloomberg resides in New York and South Florida with her son, Jasper, and their four-legged family.

Liz Dee is a food company executive and impact investor dedicated to alleviating animal suffering. A fifth generation candy maker, Dee is Co-Owner and Co-President of Smarties Candy Company and CEO of Baleine & Bjorn Capital. She supports early-stage companies creating plant-based and cultured versions of outdated animal products. An advisor to The Good Food Institute, Dee advances their mission to create a healthy, humane and sustainable food supply. She serves on the Humane Generation New York Executive Committee to end puppy mills and share the message, "Adopt, don't shop." Dee lives in New York City with her husband, Nick Garin, and Sandy, a perfect mix mutt who was hours away from being euthanized prior to rescue.

Michael Katz is the CEO and Co-Founder of mParticle, a mobile data platform which has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in New York tech. Prior, he founded interclick, an advertising technology company that he took public in 2009 before its acquisition by Yahoo in 2011 for $270M. Katz is involved in several animal rescue organizations, sits on the board of multiple companies and is also an active angel investor. He currently lives in New York City and attended Syracuse University.

Stephen Read is currently a Managing Director and head of the Fixed Income division of Canaccord Genuity. He has previously worked for Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas. Read has been a staunch advocate of Humane Generation New York since its inception, tirelessly helping to raise funds in support of The HSUS mission. After the passing of his rescue cat Socks in early 2014, Read's passion to end animal cruelty has only increased. He currently resides in lower Manhattan with his wife, Sarah Read, and their two rescue kittens, Carl and Norman.

Breanna Schultz obtained a Master's degree in animal behavior and conservation with a focus on rehabilitation of canines that have been through trauma, including puppy mills. She also has over six years of entertainment marketing experience, working with companies such as the Seattle Seahawks, Warner Bros. and Edelman. Schultz’s goal is to combine her previous marketing experience and her Master's to make a significant and meaningful difference within animal welfare. Her husband, Jordan Schultz, daughter Wren, and son Hayes all share a love for animals, having four pets themselves: cats Felix and Ruca, along with dogs Lexi and Zeppelin.

Courtney Stroum Meagher is a third generation entrepreneur and partner in her family business. A longtime animal advocate, Stroum Meagher joined the committee in 2014, then began consulting for The HSUS in early 2016, eventually taking on her current role as Next Generation Philanthropy Director for the organization. Stroum Meagher received a B.A. from New York University and currently serves on the Advisory Board of Seattle-based tech start-up Stylyze.

Katie Sturino is a New York-based fashion blogger for The12ishStyle, Founder of Megababe Beauty and stage mom to her puppy mill rescue and Instagram-famous dogs, Toast (RIP), Muppet and Pants. Rescue has been a long-standing activity in Sturino’s life and she loves helping others find the right dog.


Lauren Ackerman is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Passionate about encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle, she is particularly interested in the negative impact that toxic chemicals have to human and non-human health. After the sudden passing of her Yorkie, Izzy, in November of 2017, Ackerman was further inspired to advocate compassion and respect for all living things. A third generation philanthropist, she is committed to and involved with several Jewish organizations including AIPAC, UJA and WIZO Rising Leaders. Ackerman received a B.S. from Syracuse University and currently resides in lower Manhattan with her husband, Ari Ackerman.

Stephanie Riggio Bulger is a lifelong animal lover and proud mom to a stable of horses, rescue goats and donkeys, dogs and an adorable human baby named Leo. A graduate of Columbia University and The New School, she is an adjunct professor of English at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, NY. Riggio Bulger and her husband, Michael Bulger, split their time between New York and South Florida, and try to spend as much time with their four-legged friends as possible.

Molly Fahner Calhoun is a writer and editor for women’s magazines. A passionate animal advocate, Calhoun became aware of the staggering number of homeless pets in need when she adopted her dog, Riley, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then, she has volunteered for a variety of animal rescue groups learning the many challenges contributing to pet overpopulation and homelessness, including puppy mills. Calhoun also helped to open and co-manage a Tribeca veterinary clinic, running their client service and marketing for three years. She is the co-founder of ARC, a humane education nonprofit, and believes strongly in the need for humane education programming in schools. Calhoun lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband, two young children and three rescue dogs.

Liz Friedland is the Co-Founder of This is Orbit, a creative management agency that builds partnerships, content and meaningful experiences through a refined network of impactful individuals, and President of Liz Friedland Consulting, a strategic marketing and communications consultancy specializing in growing brands and launching innovative concepts in the wellness & fitness lifestyle sector. Thanks to Oprah’s exposé on puppy mills in 2007, Friedland awakened to this cause and found a new calling: to create awareness around the harsh reality of puppy mills so that people could be properly educated and ultimately make different choices. Her other mission is a joint venture with her certified therapeutic dog, Lulu, to bring joy and smiles to nursing homes and hospitals in New York City.

Stella B. Keitel, M.A. is a doctoral candidate of Clinical Psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. She has four years of experience working as a therapist and a psychological examiner. Keitel has been affectionately referred to as “Dr. Dolittle” by her family since she was a child, but it was through her work as a therapist that she came to understand the incredible healing power of animals, which lead her to adopt her beloved dog Bandit and take action against animal cruelty.

Dylan Lauren, known to many as the "Candy Queen," is the Founder and CEO of Dylan's Candy Bar. As the daughter of legendary fashion icon Ralph Lauren and author Ricky Lauren, Dylan was immersed at an early age in design, art and fashion. After graduating from Duke University with a major in art history, she traveled the globe in search of the world's most exciting confectionery creations. By 2001, she realized her childhood dream by opening her first candy store. Lauren and her "candy-centric" tips for living the sweet life are often featured in press across the country.

Lauren Schweibold is the Founder and Owner of Madison Events, a New York-based boutique event planning firm focused on corporate and non-profit clients. She has spent the past 20 years executing large-scale events at various financial firms including Bear Stearns, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (KBW) and Guggenheim Partners, as well as providing event-planning services to numerous non-profit organizations such as Minds Matter, The Fortune Society, The River Fund, The HSUS and Animal Care & Control. Schweibold is an adamant animal rights advocate and supporter having spent years working with different animal organizations to help further their plights. She spends time volunteering for these causes and is often times a foster mom to dogs and cats looking for their forever homes. She holds a B.A. from Villanova University and spends her free time volunteering, participating in endurance sports and caring for her daughter, Charlotte and fur babies, Baxter and Bella.

Hilary Sloan leads ShopStyle.com's influencer business, ShopStyle Collective, a premier influencer program that monetizes digital shopping content and is used by over 14,000 influencers. After rescuing her dog, Ella Bean, and watching her develop from scared and sickly puppy mill rescue into a healthy and social dog, Sloan has found a passion for educating others on the importance of rescue and the truth behind pet store puppies and online pet sales. Combining her drive to educate others on the need to adopt, not shop, and her knowledge of the influencer space, Ella Bean now boasts a substantial following on social media who follow her rags to riches story.

Kelly Vitko is the founder of Grassroots Influencer, a consulting firm that supports various animal welfare causes and organizations that work to abolish animal exploitation in all forms. Currently serving as Program Manager for the Dylan's Candy BarN foundation, Vitko designs initiatives that align with the foundation's mission to help every displaced pet find a home sweet home. Her overall goal is to inspire mercy and kindness towards animals through sustainable eating, informed purchasing habits and the encouragement of a cruelty-free lifestyle. To that end, Vitko, formerly the assistant to the Chairman & CEO of Michael Kors, played an instrumental role in the company's decision to implement a fur-free policy and is also actively involved with The HSUS's Faith Outreach program. With roots in New York and Palm Beach, Vitko and her boyfriend share their home with adopted cats, Olive and SJ.

Learn about how the committee started here.

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