Humane Journeys: Great Bear Rainforest

September 12-17, 2025

September 7-12, 2024 | SOLD OUT

Journey with us on our inaugural trip to British Columbia, where you will hear firsthand how Humane Society International is working around the world to protect keystone species such as grizzly bears. During this first-class journey, you will not only experience one of nature’s most iconic spectacles—grizzly bears in their natural habitat—but you will also be immersed in this stunning landscape of the Great Bear Rainforest by air, land and sea. This five-night stay is truly the best way to experience all this amazing wilderness has to offer. Accommodations are limited to two double-occupancy A-frame cabins and three double-occupancy domes and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

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Sample activities

This list is for informational purposes only. Additional scheduling details will be provided to all registered guests in advance of each trip.

  • Grizzly bear spotting from forest viewing platform. 

  • Scenic flight over massive glaciers, landing for a short walk and opportunity to feel the glacial melt or icebergs for yourself.

  • Sailing trip along a dramatic coast where temperate rainforests of old growth cedars plunge down to the glacial fed inlets. Complete the trip with a stop to soak in a remote hot spring.

  • Optional horseback riding excursion with local beloved Icelandic horses.

  • Optional ATV ride and alpine hike.

  • Exploring the camp and hiking trails or relaxing in the sauna or hot tub.


Close up of a grizzly bear standing in a river with a salmon in its mouth.
John E. Swallow

Program background

British Columbia is home to some of the most iconic wildlife species and beautiful landscapes in Canada, but tragically many of these same species are under attack from trophy hunters and habitat destruction. But we're pushing back, and HSI/Canada’s work to protect wildlife in BC helped to secure a complete ban on hunting grizzly bears in 2017. HSI/Canada is now working with animal protection and conservation groups, scientists and First Nations to end trophy hunting of BC’s most beloved species, including cougars, black bears and wolves.

Thousands of wild mammals are slain by trophy hunters in BC each year. Trophy hunters prefer to kill the largest, strongest animals, whose loss causes population declines in big cats and bears, among other species. HSI/Canada works to raise public awareness and end political support of trophy hunters’ interests, as well as improve legal protections and encourage alternatives, such as ecotourism. In fact, compared to trophy hunting, wildlife-watching tourism generates far more income to support conservation and provides far more jobs to local people. Our work in BC, and across Canada, is focused on encouraging peaceful coexistence between humans and wild animals and ensuring the protection of wild species.

This trip includes:
The exterior wall of a wooden cabin

Four-night stay at the beautiful Firvale Wilderness Camp in an A-frame cabin or luxury dome.

A yellow raft sitting on the bank of a river backed by a wooded mountain range.

Relaxing float down the Bella Coola River to view the salmon migration and grizzly bears.

The back of a person wearing a black shirt looking off at a large body of water and snow-peaked mountain range.

Sailing trip to remote hot springs with chances to spot whales, dolphins and bears.

Interacting with animals on Humane Journeys

Humane Journeys maintains a responsible and respectful animal-watching program. We ensure that our presence does not disturb the animals and we'll help you do the same. We will lead guests into areas of the Great Bear Rainforest where they will have the best chances to view wildlife. Humane Journeys staff can also assist in photographing guests, providing a truly unique souvenir of the trip.

Registration information

To reserve your spot or get more information, contact us.

Space is limited to 10 people and will fill up quickly. Accommodations are chosen on a first come, first served basis. Two en suite A-frame cabins, one standard en suite cabin and two en suite domes are available at $12,500 on double-occupancy basis (single occupancy available at $8,500). An additional non en suite dome with private facilities is available at $10,000 on double occupancy basis (single occupancy available at $7,500). Proceeds will benefit Humane Society International’s wildlife programs in Canada. Your contribution less $3,500 per person is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The HSUS tax ID number is 53-0225390. Airfare to and from Vancouver is not included. All ground transportation, flights to and from Bella Coola, plant-based meals and sleeping accommodations are included.