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Humane Lobby Days are events sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States in state capitals across the country. They give citizen animal advocates like you an opportunity to ask your state legislators to pass laws that protect animals. Join us on Humane Lobby Day and make life better for animals in your state.

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No Humane Lobby Day listed for your state yet? Check back soon—we'll add more events.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be talking to lawmakers face-to-face?

Yes, every attempt will be made to schedule a meeting with the legislators who represent you at the state capitol. In the event that your legislator cannot meet with you personally, you will get a chance to talk with one of his or her key staffers. Your meeting will generally only last a few minutes, and you’ll be given specific talking points and training about what to cover during the meeting.

Will I be escorted or alone?

There may be other attendees from your same district. If so, meetings will be consolidated so that each lawmaker has only one meeting. If no one else from your district attends the event, you will meet with your legislators alone. The event organizers will provide information that will help you find the meeting place. They'll also be stationed at a check-in point so that you will always know where to go for support or questions.

Can I partner with a friend so I'm not alone?

It’s a great idea to recruit friends and family to attend Humane Lobby Day. A large turnout creates a powerful voice for animals. Legislators are primarily interested in hearing from their own constituents, so only attendees from your legislative district should attend legislator meetings with you.

What legislation will we be discussing?

There are many, many animal bills filed each year during the legislative session. We choose our priority bills for Humane Lobby Day based upon several factors, including their impact and chance of passage. There may be other animal protection topics/issues that are important to you, but focusing on the bills we’ve chosen will make the most impact during your visit to the Capitol.

Is there anything I can do to prepare?

It’s helpful to know your legislators before going into meetings with them. Most elected officials have a website. Some states have humane voting leagues that keep track of legislator's voting records on animal issues. Do some investigating online to gather background on your legislators.

Look up your legislators and visit our state legislation page to get started.

I can only make it for part of the day—is that ok?

The event is designed to build throughout the day. The workshop in the morning prepares attendees for meetings with legislators, and those meetings are the true purpose of the day. It’s important to plan to attend the entire event.

What should I wear?

Dress professionally to meet with legislators. A business suit or slacks/skirt and a jacket are appropriate for lobby day. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Also, bring an umbrella and a picture I.D.

Can I bring my child? My dog?

Children often have important impact on legislators, and their opinion matters even if they can't vote. Bring whatever family members you believe will enjoy the day and will be able to remain focused for the entire schedule, but please leave the four-legged family members at home.

What's It Like to Take Part in Humane Lobby Day? Activists Share Their Stories

Heidi O., Maryland: "I had never lobbied before, so Humane Lobby Day was my chance to learn the process. My assignment was to talk about the Roadside Zoos bill. The next day Frank Turner, one of my delegates in District 13, signed on as a co-sponsor."

Haydon K. (15), Kentucky: "I have enjoyed attending Humane Lobby Day with my Mom and one of our rescued dogs and hearing how Kentucky has the weakest laws in the country for animals. I am hoping to help change that by the time I am an adult."

Ruth S., New Jersey: "I came to lobby day as an animal rescuer and left as an animal advocate who later convinced my town to implement a trap-neuter-return program in lieu of killing community cats (and that was just the beginning)."

At Humane Lobby Day, many of us are making our voices heard; it's empowering!" —Sharlene F., Indiana

Jack L., Connecticut: "Humane Lobby Day not only helped me learn how to make laws that help animals, but it was a great networking opportunity with people from all over the state who, like me, care about animals!"

Ashley T., Tennessee: "I attended Humane Lobby Day for the first time this year, having no idea what to expect. I was thrilled to meet both of my state legislators, as well as many other animal welfare advocates just like me. I'm now the District Leader in my area, and I really feel I've found my niche in advocating for humane treatment of animals through our legislative process."

Can't Make It? You Can Still Make a Difference

Even if you can't attend your state's Humane Lobby Day, you can be an effective lobbyist for animals in your state. Start with our advocate toolkit where you can print helpful documents with tips on communicating with your legislators, writing letters to the editor, and more. Learn More