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Picture Perfect, Page 3: Tips for Frame-Worthy Pet Photos

Winning photographs from the HSUS/HSI World Spay Day 2012 Photo Contest

All Animals magazine, January/February 2013

Get Creative

Think outside the box. What makes your pet special? A unique hairline, a cute pink nose? For a different kind of pet portrait, Layton recommends taking detail shots of what makes your pet stand out from the pack. After a hike, Lila showed off her long, flexible tongue to owner Adrian Salgado.

Indoor Shoots

Natural light is always best, says Layton. If you can’t go outside, find a room that is well lit by natural light or shoot by a window. Using flash can look “fake” and scare the pet. Nowadays, most cameras can shoot in low light with ease, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Jaime Santos-Prowse captured Spartacus belly-up in a favorite chair.

Outdoor Lighting

When shooting outside, avoid the harsh midday sunlight. The light is much softer and more flattering in the early morning and late afternoon, says Herman, and cloudy days are “dynamite.” Unaware that she’s disabled, little Vespa provides owner Brenda Jones with plenty of opportunities for outdoor action shots.

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Enter your pet in the World Spay Day 2013 online contest at humanesociety.org/petphotos.

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