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Mother and baby chimps in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania
Valerie Howell

In 2018, I was lucky enough to go on the trip of a lifetime to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, where my idol since childhood, Jane Goodall, had observed chimpanzees for her research. We were tracking chimpanzees when our guide got word that Gremlin, one of the oldest living chimpanzees Goodall observed, had been spotted. At 48 years old, she was still a loving mother and a strong matriarchal figure in her community. We trudged through the jungle to where she sat eating with her latest baby, Grendel. As I watched her, I was struck by how patient and gentle she was with Grendel. I could also tell how much the guides loved and cared about her, which was so touching. It was difficult to take photographs because we watched the chimpanzees from a safe distance, but I was able to capture this beautiful moment. It’s a bookmark in life I will never forget.
—Valerie Howell, Miami

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cats licking each other in a pet bed
Rachael Rodgers

Previously featured photos

A cute puffin sitting on a rock.
During a trip to Iceland in June of 2016, I visited the remote Látrabjarg sea cliffs—home to millions of birds, including northern gannets, white-tailed eagles and razorbills. But what I most wanted to see were Atlantic puffins, remarkable animals who can dive to depths of 200 feet and steer themselves underwater with their webbed feet. After about an hour of wandering around the cliffs, I began to feel discouraged. Then I saw this beautiful puffin perched on a 1,400-foot cliff overlooking the pounding ocean. As I began photographing him, I was close to tears with feelings of joy and appreciation. I was grateful to be able to see a wild puffin firsthand. Atlantic puffins are vulnerable to extinction and are rare in many areas where they were once abundant.
Sue Kirchoff, Minnesota / Featured in the Spring 2022 issue
Closeup of an outdoor cat being petted by a man.
We have always called my dad the cat whisperer because every cat he meets loves him. Our trip to Athens, Greece, in 2019 was no different. There were so many cats wandering the streets; on this day, we saw a cat sitting on a bench waiting for people to pet her. My dad went up to pet her and she was so happy and affectionate! She had a soft coat, was a healthy weight and even had an ear-tip signifying that she had been spayed. She hung around for a few minutes, clearly enjoying the pets from my dad, before moving on.
—Sage Swanson, Washington / Featured in the Winter 2022 issue
Photo of a prairie dog standing up in a field of wild flowers.
I live close to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and visit frequently. I love watching the prairie dog colonies interacting with their families and neighbors. They can provide countless hours of entertainment. On this spring day, I visited the refuge to photograph wildflowers and local wildlife. I was able to capture the endearing profile of this prairie dog just before he scampered away. They don’t stay still for long.
—Anita Page, Oklahoma / Featured in the Fall 2021 issue
A butterfly with a broken wing sitting on beautiful flowers in a garden
I first encountered this painted lady butterfly with part of her wing torn off while enjoying a walk in a butterfly garden with my mother. A lot of the time we may feel broken, mentally or physically. The butterfly reminded me that despite our imperfections, there’s beauty in all of us. Even though she had a broken wing, she still looked gorgeous and still flew. We as humans also have imperfections, but we can look past that, know our worth and continue to fly through our lives.
—Cariene Powell, Texas / Featured in the Summer 2021 issue

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