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A butterfly with a broken wing sitting on beautiful flowers in a garden
Cariene Powell

I first encountered this painted lady butterfly while enjoying a walk in a butterfly garden with my mother. Many butterflies were flying about, but this one with part of her wing torn off caught my eye. A lot of the time we may feel broken, mentally or physically. We feel like we aren’t good enough according to societal standards. The butterfly reminded me that despite our imperfections, there’s beauty in all of us, both internal and external. Even though she had a broken wing, she still looked gorgeous and still flew, just like all the other butterflies in the garden that day. We as humans also have imperfections, but we can look past that, know our worth and continue to fly through our lives.

—Cariene Powell, San Antonio, Texas / Featured in the Summer 2021 issue

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Rachael Rodgers

Previously featured photos

Cat sitting on couch with a beautiful red mandala tapestry in the background.
Howard the cat was left in the cold and brought to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. I visited the humane society’s website and was struck by Howard: He looked exactly like Sylvester, the cat my wife, Bryana, and I had recently lost after more than 10 years. As soon as they opened the carrier, he just came running out. We knew we had to get him. Howard loves bags and packaging; if you crumple any kind of paper, he comes running out to you. He also loves sleeping on us. We love him every day. He’s our baby.
—Matthew Chapman, Maine / Featured in the Spring 2021 issue
puppy in a basket
“In January 2018, the Prince George Animal Services and Adoption Center in Virginia received a call from a concerned citizen who heard puppies crying underneath an uninhabited trailer. The puppies were old enough to begin weaning, so we immediately took them back to the shelter. Feta (pictured here) was adopted by a wonderful family with two children. I’m beyond grateful to the caring citizen who reached out to us for help—it takes a whole community to better the lives of innocent animals. After assisting with this rescue, I decided to become a volunteer with the HSUS Animal Rescue Team. Together, we can accomplish so much.”
—Erika Gunn, Iowa / Featured in the Winter 2020/21 issue
sea turtle underwater from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
“This picture is very special because it represents a lot of firsts for me. This was the first time I had ever been to Australia, and this photo shows the moment I fell in love with the Great Barrier Reef. It was my first underwater photo, and it’s still one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It also was the first time I was able to get so close to a sea turtle. I snorkeled alongside the turtle for a while, and she never got startled or swam away. The turtle just glided next to me, and it was one of the most calming experiences I’ve ever had. It felt like all my worry left my body, and it was just me and the turtle.”
—Sage Swanson, Washington / Featured in the Fall 2020 issue
I adopted Ballina from the SPCA about four years ago, and she has brought me so much joy and companionship. Ballina is sweet to everybody and loves getting scratches, looking out the window at birds and—of course—sleeping. I love this photo because it captures what I feel she was thinking at that moment: “Why is this human following me around with a big round thing in my face, and what is it?!”
—Rose Walker, Calif. / Featured in the March/April/May 2020 issue

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