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In this issue of All Animals, we take you from India—where a dedicated team is using a unique approach to help the country’s street dogs—to Puerto Rico—where a collaborative effort resulted in the rescue of more than 700 animals—and plenty of points in between. Plus, we’re sharing staff members' tips for adventuring with pets and two plant-based dog treat recipes you can make for your furry friend.

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Create a haven for wildlife.

A humane backyard is a natural habitat offering wildlife plenty of food, water and cover, plus a safe place to live free from pesticides, chemicals, free-roaming pets, inhumane practices and other threats. And it's so easy to build!

humane backyard with a bench and birdbath
Meredith Lee / The HSUS
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A collage of images including a brown bear, emu, black bear, goat, iguana, cow and tiger
Jackie, Serenity and Sammi: Christi Gilbreth/The HSUS; Chetana: Ashley Orr/The HSUS; Spongebob, Chia and Sparkie: Jennifer McAnally/The HSUS