We never know when animals may be in need, but we know we must be ready.

We work with law enforcement to investigate the worst cases of animal abuse nationwide. Every year, we rescue thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, natural disasters and other large-scale situations of cruelty and neglect.

Animal Rescue Team FAQ

Curious puppy comes out from under wooden porch to approach HSUS rescuer

More than 60 dogs and puppies were rescued from an alleged cruelty situation on a residential property in San Miguel County, New Mexico in March of 2022. The animals were living outdoors in freezing temperatures, in ramshackle pens with no apparent access to food or water. Glass shards and rogue wires littered the property. Several puppies greeted rescuers curiously from beneath a porch. Thanks to your generosity, they received the veterinary treatment and loving care they deserved.

Meredith Lee / The HSUS
Direct care

While the Humane Society of the United States does not run or oversee local animal shelters or rescues, we do operate rescue teams, community-based programs and sanctuaries and care centers that directly assist tens of thousands of animals each year. The animals we rescue are either transferred to local rescue groups or transported to emergency shelters for thorough examination by veterinarians in order to receive any necessary medical treatment they may require.

Safe and sound
Volunteers carrying crates of dogs being transports by airplane to safety

Are spent annually by animal rescue volunteers.

Dog in crate being carried by shelter partner and HSUS staff

Across the country allow us to call on them when rescued animals need a safe place to go; they are known as our Shelter and Rescue Partners.

Cat being rescued from flooding during Hurricane Harvey in 2017

Have been saved from cruelty and disasters since 2010.

Field responders pushing a boat to shore with cats on board

We never know where disasters will strike or when animals may be in need of urgent rescue, but we know we must be ready. Your support makes our preparedness, rescue, care and relief work possible.

Meredith Lee / The HSUS