Woman bending down, looking in a dog crate at a dog.
Korean National Assembly member Insoon Nam joined rescuers during the farm closure in March.
Jean Chung

In June, the effort to end the dog meat trade gained even more momentum: South Korean Democratic Party Assembly Member Jeoung-ae Han introduced legislation that would outlaw the breeding and slaughter of dogs for human consumption. The proposed law also contains measures that would help dog farmers transition to more humane businesses, similar to the approach Humane Society International/Korea has taken for nearly a decade.

“HSI/Korea has been working with lawmakers behind the scenes to prepare for this legislation,” says Borami Seo, director of government affairs for HSI/Korea. “This year especially, we are seeing politicians across all political parties come together to support a legislative ban on dog meat,” she adds. If the legislation passes, farmers would have five years to close down their operations.

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