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Torrey DeVitto: Actor talks about living a cruelty-free lifestyle

All Animals magazine, Nov/Dec 2016

Robert Sebree/Pretty Ugly, Inc.

As a child, when Torrey DeVitto arrived at her new violin instructor’s home, she saw a bird cage near a window in the sun with a blanket plopped over it. Throughout her lesson, the instructor kept yelling, “Shut up, you stupid bird!” and other insults, making her disdain for the animal clear. “I cried so hard when I got in the car, and I said ‘Mom, we gotta go get it,’” the actor remembers. “So I knocked on the door, and I said, ‘Can I please take your bird if you hate it so much?’ And she gave it to me!”

Watch Torrey and Beau's Shelter Pet Project video

DeVitto’s celebrity status from roles on the TV series Chicago Med and Pretty Little Liars now helps her advocate for animals on a larger scale. She has two rescued dogs, Beau and Homie, and partnered with the Shelter Pet Project to promote adoption, and she recently joined The HSUS to support its Be Cruelty-Free campaign. In this edited interview with All Animals, she talks about her ongoing efforts to protect animals.

When did you decide to switch to products not tested on animals?

It wasn’t ever really on my radar, and then once it was I made a point to look up every single product I used to make sure it was cruelty-free. I was really surprised by the products that were and were not. It was very eye-opening. I make sure that everything in my home—what I wash my hair with, makeup, everything—it’s all cruelty-free.

What makeup product is a must-have for you?

Hmmm, the one product I can’t live without? It’s kind of two. I can’t live without some type of lip balm, and I can’t live without some sort of mascara. Those are my go-to products.

What do you want your fans to know about finding products not tested on animals?

There is a plethora of brands that make the most beautiful makeup, equal to that of the ones who use animal testing. You don’t have to feel like you’re going to have to lose that product you love, because you will be able to find it elsewhere. There are major companies and amazing makeup companies that are not testing on animals.

You once shared that you were working on eliminating all animal products from your diet and your home. How’s that going?

There are times when I eat something and I didn’t know it was made with eggs, and I don’t beat myself up. I try to do the best that I can. I’m 100-percent vegan in my fashion. I’d been vegetarian, but I didn’t connect that by wearing leather I was wearing cows. When I became vegan, it hit me how hypocritical that was. I got rid of all of my leather jackets, and I never will buy leather again.

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