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Kind News Story: Play for Peace

Help your cats get along with each other!

cat kitten playing


Yeoowww!! Hiss!! Spit!! Sometimes homes with more than one cat can feel like a war zone. Kitties who are usually calm suddenly turn on each other.

Why? Millie might not be happy about the new cat in the home. Maybe Dozer doesn’t like sharing his favorite chair. Perhaps one of the cats isn’t feeling well and needs to see the veterinarian. Or maybe it just plain feels good to act like a cat — and stalk, chase, and pounce on prey.

Play, play, play!

If medical problems are ruled out, keeping the peace can be easy. Spend time playing with your cats each day. Use toys that allow them to “hunt.” Let them attack a toy mouse tied to a string, or chase a light from a small flashlight. When playtime is over, put toys with string attached out of reach. If the cats are still acting cranky, contact your veterinarian right away.

Tell us about your cat or other special pet!

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