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Kind News November/December 2011: Resource Room

Resources to supplement the November/December 2011 issue of Kind News

Kind News November-December 2011 cover


The world would be a boring place, indeed, if everyone looked alike. So too with pets! The Nov./Dec. 2011 issue of Kind News celebrates the marvelous mutt and discusses the problems associated with breeding dogs to achieve the “best” characteristics of a breed.

When considering adding a pet to the family, visit your local animal shelter. Shelters have both purebred and mixed-breed animals, and you might find a mutt with unique qualities just right for your family. Search for available shelter and rescue pets at shelterpetproject.org.


What Do Pets Need? (Primary, grades K-2): Have students identify pet needs in this word search. 

The Most Beautiful Dog (Junior/Senior, grades 3-6): Have students read this short story aloud. On the board, write "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "Beauty is only skin deep." Invite students to explain both proverbs and describe how they relate to the story. What are some things the girl in the story might have thought were beautiful about her dog?

Lesson Plans

After reading about the wonderful world of mutts in this issue of Kind News, use the Read for Their Lives Interactive Bulletin Board lesson plan to engage students in helping all the mutts (and other animals) at your local animal shelter. With the help of a sponsor, students will read books to raise money for the shelter. At the same time, students will learn about the shelter's purpose and function. Though aligned with the common core standards for grade 5, the lesson plan can be adapted for any grade level.

Find more humane-themed lesson plans and worksheets.

More Resources


  • "The Most Beautiful Dog" worksheet listed above is excerpted from the  Troubadour's Tales storybook and and CD set. The set would make a great addition to your holiday shopping list.
  • Guide students in a project to Save Our Seals from the cruel Canadian seal hunt.
  • If you are (or know of) a teacher who has incorporated humane education into the curriculum, we want to hear about it! Apply for our National Kind Teacher Award by February 15, 2012.
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