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Kind News January/February 2012: Resource Room

Resources to supplement the January/February 2012 issue of Kind News

Kind News January-February 2012 cover


The Nov./Dec. 2011 issue of Kind News goes underwater into the fascinating world of sharks and introduces students to one of their major threats—shark finning. 

Question for class discussion

Many animals are portrayed in movies, books, and fairy tales as monsters. For example, sharks became top on the list of the most-feared animals on Earth after the book and movie Jaws was released. Ask students: What other animals have been portrayed negatively in stories, cartoons, and movies? Answers might include gorillas (King Kong), wolves (Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood), crocodiles (Peter Pan), and bats (Dracula). List students’ answers on the board. Then ask: How can these images be changed?


Test your students' knowledge about sharks! Download and reproduce the appropriate worksheet for your class's reading level.

Shark Dive (Primary, grades K-2)
Shark Circle
(Junior, grades 3-4)
Shark Smarts (Senior, grades 5-6)

More Resources


  • The ilovesharks.org website created by sixth-grade teacher Bill Brooks and his students in Irvine, Calif., includes a number of ready-to-use lessons and activities available for classroom use.
  • If you are (or know of) a teacher who has incorporated humane education into the curriculum, we want to hear about it! Apply for our National Kind Teacher Award by February 15, 2012.
  • Time to make those resolutions! Find ideas for New Year’s resolutions on behalf of animals. Ask students for their suggestions, and list their answers on the board. Review the ideas and choose one to work on as a class.
  • Each Feb. 2, a spotlight is put on a certain furry, burrowing rodent. The Prairie Dog Coalition believes it’s time to give Punxsutawney Phil’s Western cousins their due, making Feb. 2 a day to celebrate prairie dogs. Use our prairie dog lesson plan to celebrate in your classroom.
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