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Alyssa Grayson Named The HSUS's Kind Kid for 2012

Rhode Island fifth-grader is a friend to wolves, frogs, and homeless pets

Kind News magazine

  • "Wolf girl" Alyssa Grayson is our Kind Kid for 2012. David Sokol

  • Alyssa speaks up for wolves, helps at her local animal shelter, and volunteers with FrogWatchUSA. David Sokol

A brisk wind blows across a cloudless sky at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, N.Y. “It’s a great day for wolves,” exclaims center director Maggie Howell. “They love this weather!” A group of fifth-graders gather around Howell and, following her lead, throw back their heads and howl. Moments later, several wolves answer from the surrounding woods. It’s the perfect setting to honor fifth-grader Alyssa Grayson with the 2012 Kind Kid award from The Humane Society of the United States.

A friend to all animals

Known as “wolf girl” at her West Warwick, R.I., school, Alyssa has spent much of her young life teaching others to protect and respect animals. After starting a wolf club in second grade, Alyssa learned all she could about her favorite animals. Today, she gives presentations about protecting wolves at libraries and schools—she’s even spoken at a university. In fact, she’s become such a wolf expert that she was appointed as the first junior advisor to the National Wolfwatcher Coalition.

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When she’s not teaching others about wolves, Alyssa can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter. She walks and grooms the dogs and plays with the cats. Back at home, she bakes organic treats for the animals and collects supplies for the shelter. She has also donated her own money to pay for medical care for a shelter dog. Canines and kitties aren’t the only animals Alyssa works for. She’s also trained as a citizen scientist for FrogWatchUSA. In short, Alyssa is all about helping animals and that’s why she’s our 2012 Kind Kid!

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