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Kind News reveals the beauty and wonder of the creatures who share our world while also exploring the challenges they face. Teaching kindness and respect for animals and their natural habitats, this 8-page magazine for K-6 students features profiles of amazing kids, articles about rescued animals and species in trouble, pet care tips, and how-to pieces about backyard wildlife.

  • Kathy Milani/The HSUS

The Real Deal About Pigs

What do you know about pigs? They're often thought of as dirty animals, but they're actually clean and intelligent—probably even smarter than dogs! Get the dirt on pigs

  • Humane Heroes

    Keep the Change

    When Maryland student Allie Peterson got to collect the change from a mall fountain for a month, she decided to donate it to those in need. Read the story

  • Wild Neighbors

    Feeding Birds in Winter

    Give feathered friends a few tasty treats this winter (and don't forget the water). Watch the video

  • To the Rescue!

    A Daisy Blossoms

    A rescued horse turns into a helper for people with disabilities.  Read the story

  • Resource Room

    Online Extras

    Worksheets, supplements, and more to go with this issue of Kind News. Resources

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Kind News magazine


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