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Kind News Story: Rescued Daisy Now a Therapy Horse

A rescued horse becomes a helper for people with disabilities

Kind News magazine for kids

  • Daisy works with a young rider. Erin Parker/For The HSUS

It was one of The HSUS Animal Rescue Team’s largest horse seizures: 116 neglected animals rescued from a property in Arkansas. The horses were in very bad shape. Some wouldn’t make it. Others needed plenty of veterinary care and time to heal.

One thin and very weak mare stood out to her caregivers. Even after the bad treatment she had received in the past, Kate was willing to trust her rescuers.

After several months of care, Kate was moved to the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center in Texas. Smart and eager to please, the 3-year-old became a staff favorite. One day, her gentle and friendly nature caught the eye of visitors from Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship. They thought she’d make a great therapy horse!

Kate (now named Daisy) couldn’t have agreed more. Though she loves spending time with other horses, it’s all about people for Daisy. She’s happy helping people with disabilities learn to ride, walk, and even talk.

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