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Kind News Resource Room

Supplements to the Aug/Sept 2015 issue

Kind News magazine, Aug/Sept 2015

  • The HSUS

When emergencies like hurricanes or floods occur, families often have to leave their homes. Thanks to the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standard (PETS) Act enacted after Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005, people no longer have to leave their pets behind. Be prepared for emergencies—and make pets a part of your emergency planning.


Teachers and Parents Guides

In the teachers and parents guides for each grade level, you'll find Common Core-Aligned Activities, answer keys, book suggestions and more.
Primary (grades K-2): Teachers Guide | Parents Guide
Junior (grades 3-4): Teachers Guide | Parents Guide
Senior (grades 5-6): Teachers Guide | Parents Guide


Download a worksheet to supplement topics covered in this issue of Kind News:
Primary (grades K-2): Ready for Anything worksheet
Junior/Senior (grades 3-6): Emergency Scramble worksheet

More Resources

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  • Learn ways to solve common problems with squirrels without harming them.
  • Take the Humane Backyard pledge and find more ideas for creating a humane backyard or schoolyard.
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