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Kind News reveals the beauty and wonder of the animals who share our world while also exploring the challenges they face. Through profiles of amazing kids, features about rescued animals, pet care tips, and how-tos on helping backyard wildlife, Kind News encourages youth to coexist humanely with animals, celebrate the human-animal bond, and become active in efforts to protect animals.

The eight-page magazine is filled with the colorful articles, short features, and fun activities that children and teachers love. Its emphasis on treating animals with kindness and respect, the importance of proper pet care,  and wildlife appreciation grab students' interest and make abstract values like compassion, citizenship, and responsibility come alive.

Kind News is available in three reading levels: Primary Edition (grades K-2), Junior Edition (grades 3-4), and Senior Edition (grades 5-6). A classroom subscription includes 28 copies of each issue and a teacher’s guide and is published five times during the school year. Kind News is also available as a single-copy home subscription, published 6 times a year. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about Kind News to learn more.

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Kind News, Feb/March

Find out if a rabbit is the right pet for you, why skunks in your neighborhood can be good news, how a girl in Tennessee helped shelters in seven states and more. highlights from the current issue Send Kind News to a kid or teacher you know
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