Helping shape the future of veterinary medicine

Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) improves the health and welfare of animals, families and communities by providing essential veterinary services and building professional capacity to reduce barriers to animal health resources created by poverty and geographic isolation. This important work is accomplished through a range of interconnected approaches.

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Providing access to care for Cheyenne River Sioux

For more than two decades, the Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) program has worked to expand access to veterinary care in underserved rural communities where poverty and geographic isolation make regular animal health services unavailable. Learn how you can get involved with Rural Area Veterinary Services.

Caring for animals in need

Through direct care, professional training and community development, RAVS provides essential support for animals and their families—and equips veterinary professionals with the skills to provide the best possible care in any setting.

a RAVS volunteer laughs while the small dog she's holding nuzzles her face

Treated since 2003.

cat with bowl of cat food

Were distributed through RAVS and our Pets for Life program in 2022.

Two vets perform surgery at a free RAVS clinic
Provided to date.

Direct care veterinary field clinics deliver essential services to relieve suffering and support animal and community health.

Since 2003, we’ve treated more than 135,000 animals, providing a range of services from emergency surgery to spay/neuter and wellness care. Our experienced veterinary teams have delivered over $26 million in high-quality, no-cost veterinary care in underserved rural communities where animal health resources are often not accessible.

Training and mentorship for veterinary and veterinary technician students to prepare and inspire a generation of professionals committed to community service.

Working with experienced professional mentors, students receive intensive hands-on clinical training and vital experience in community outreach while gaining a deeper awareness and appreciation of the systemic challenges faced in underserved communities. Student alumni graduate and move into their careers equipped with knowledge and strategies to expand access to veterinary care and improve quality of life for animals everywhere.

Professional engagement and outreach provide opportunities for veterinary professionals to share their knowledge and skills to improve access to veterinary care in underserved communities.

Our professional volunteers are at the core of the RAVS program. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians from all over the country take time away from their jobs and daily lives to generously contribute their skills and expertise. These committed professionals drive the success of RAVS and share in our mission to support the health and wellbeing of pets and the people who love them.

Volunteer with RAVS

Community development support builds local capacity for community-based animal care resources and sustainable service programs.

RAVS’ Community Animal Care Projects bring together networks of community members, local animal control and public health personnel, compassionate volunteers, regional veterinary providers and dedicated RAVS staff in community-driven partnerships to expand local access to essential animal health services.

Volunteer with RAVS

Volunteers are the core of the RAVS program. Learn how you can get involved with Rural Area Veterinary Services.

A RAVS volunteer holds sits next to an adult black lab holding one of her puppies as she gets ready to perform a free exam at a RAVS clinic
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