To make sure there’s a family for every pet—and help keep pets in the loving homes they have.

Through advocacy, direct care, training, the empowerment of community stakeholders and supporting shelters and rescues, we’re making sure pet owners get the support they need to keep their pets healthy and happy.

Support pet equity

Pets and their families belong together. Stand with us today to increase access to affordable veterinary care, pet food and pet-inclusive housing. 

Man holding his grey cat
Nicole Rosenberg
Fight pet overpopulation

We’ve made great progress in saving more pets, but millions still enter animal shelters and rescues every year. One way you can help is to have your pets spayed or neutered. Fewer animals in need of shelter will help local shelters save more lives and spay/neuter also has health and behavioral benefits for your pet!

Did you know?
A woman holds a cat in her arms as they look lovingly at each other

Consider their pets to be family members.

Dogs and cats with their owners waiting for surgery at Spayathon for PR

Performed to date by HSUS programs Pets for Life and Rural Area Veterinary Services at no cost to owners.

Adam Parascandola rescues dog from cruelty situation in Kingman, Kansas

Helped from the international dog meat trade, disasters and animal cruelty cases.

Scared yellow dog left out in the rain and mud

For every animal saved, countless others are still suffering. By stepping up for them, you can create a future where animals no longer have to suffer in puppy mills, factory farms, testing labs or other heartbreaking situations. Start saving lives today!

Kathy Milani / The HSUS