Together, we can make sure there’s a family for every pet—and help keep pets in the loving homes they have.

By promoting pet adoption and spay/neuter, and supporting shelters and rescues in their efforts, we’re making sure pet owners get the support they need, so that no animal loses a home due to breed prejudices, lack of housing or access to pet services.

Tika Johnson, right, and Sharonda Byrd, left, pose for a photo with their dogs, Treasure and Fat Daddy, and their sons, Dre and Trae

Sharonda and her family feared they were losing their two-year-old dog: Treasure (left) had begun to lose weight and fur. She developed sores across her skin. She had to be carried outside to use the bathroom. And she wouldn’t leave Sharonda’s side. Without a car to take Treasure across town to a veterinarian, they found the city’s center for Pets for Life where the staffers jumped in to help. Two days later, Treasure was back home and recovering from intestinal parasites. PFL covered transportation and treatment costs, for which the family is eternally grateful. “It meant the world to us,” said Sharonda’s partner, Tika. “Pets for Life gave her back to us when we thought we were going to have to put her to sleep.”

Fight pet overpopulation

We’ve made great progress in saving more pets, but millions still enter animal shelters and rescues every year. One way you can help is to have your pets spayed or neutered. Fewer animals in need of shelter will help local shelters save more lives, and spay/neuter also has health and behavioral benefits for your pet. Looking for an adoptable cat or dog to add to your family? Through the Shelter Pet Project, you can connect with your new friend and help homeless pets.

Mikhail, a dog rescued from a Jefferson County, Arkansas, puppy mill on 2/27/14
Chuck Cook
Chuck Cook

Adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue, or only buy from a responsible breeder who can show you where the puppy was born and where the mom lives. And you can do even more by only purchasing pet supplies from stores that don't sell puppies.