Bulls are strong, muscular, mature male cows.

Male cows are typically slaughtered at a young age in agricultural production, if not kept for breeding purposes. Bulls are not castrated (differentiating them from steers) and can therefore be more aggressive, though they often try to flee from stressors rather than fight.

Cows crowded in a field
Julie Busch Branaman
For the HSUS
Sadly, bulls are commonly used for cruel forms of entertainment.

Bulls are exploited in bullfighting, running of the bulls events and rodeos. During bullfights, the animals experience agonizing fear, distress and pain while being stabbed multiple times. They suffer a slow death in the ring while fully conscious.


WARNING: The following photo may be too graphic for some viewers.

A matador thrusts swords into an exhausted bull in a bullfighting arena
HSI 2010
Did you know?

Approximately 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights around the world every year. Only eight countries around the world still allow this cruel practice. In areas where bullfighting exists, public opinion polls show that many citizens do not attend or support bullfighting.

Cows packed tightly into a stall

Animals on factory farms never breathe fresh air or feel grass beneath their feet. Your generous gift will help reduce the suffering of countless cows, pigs and chickens by supporting our work to improve the lives of farm animals.

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