Chimpanzees are wild, complex animals who live in family groups and form lifelong bonds.

In 2015, the federal government effectively ended the use of chimpanzees in medical research, making it possible for more than 700 chimpanzees to be retired from often painful and invasive research. But there is not enough space in existing sanctuaries. You can help us fight to give them the retirement they deserve

Jenny Desmond
For The HSUS
Chimpanzees are highly intelligent.

Chimps are one of only a few species who use tools to help them in the wild, such as employing sticks to dig insects and other snacks out of the ground and holes in trees. They also use hand gestures, facial expressions and sounds to communicate with one another.

Did you know?

Chimpanzees share nearly 99 percent of our genetic makeup, making them our closest relative—interestingly though, they are not considered to be relatives of the monkey family.

Rabbits in cosmetics animal testing lab

Millions of animals are used in harmful experiments each year at universities, hospitals, government facilities and companies around the country. Help us work toward the day when animals no longer suffer in laboratories.

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