Coyotes deserve lives free from persecution.

Killed for more than a century as pests, coyotes have survived and spread from the West across much of the United States, occupying the ecological niche wolves once did. They have even expanded into cities. Coyotes usually eat small prey such as mice and rabbits, keeping rodent populations in check. People can coexist peacefully with coyotes by keeping cats indoors, removing bird seed and pet food from backyards and “hazing” animals who become too familiar with humans—driving them away through nonlethal means such as shouting and spraying water.

coyote in Yosemite National Park
Coyotes are clever and adaptable survivors.

Evolved to survive constant attacks by wolves, who are bigger and stronger, coyote packs quickly replenish when their members are killed.

Dead coyote from a killing contest
Dead coyote killed at a wildlife killing contest.
Did you know?

Unless human-caused deaths disrupts their social systems, only alpha male and females coyotes breed. Younger, less dominant animals in packs and transient coyotes outside packs do not breed, limiting coyote numbers naturally.

coyote killing contests

Contests often target coyotes, offering prizes that encourage hunters to kill as many as possible. Use our toolkit to help you take action in your home state.

Marc Ayers / The HSUS