Fish are aquatic animals who live in diverse habitats.

In the wild, fish are threatened by habitat destruction, overfishing, pollution and climate change. Some species of fish, highly sought after in the aquarium trade, are taken from the wild and traded internationally. Fishers may use harmful practices such as spraying cyanide in the water to stun and catch fish. Once in captivity, fish may suffer due to their owner’s lack of knowledge on proper tank size, diet and tank mates. Some species of fish, such as salmon, are often farmed for human consumption.

tightly-packed salmon swimming in a fish farm
Photography by Adri
Fish deserve our attention.

Fish are largely believed to be unintelligent and incapable of pain, but scientific evidence suggests otherwise; fish are able to recognize other fish, establish social hierarchies and remember their surroundings.

A diverse group of fish swim in the ocean
Did you know?

There are around 32,000 species of fish—greater than the total number of amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal species combined!

Dried bags of shark fins for sale and shark fin soup on the menu

Our shark populations are in crisis. Due to the cruel practice of shark finning, shark populations have dropped by as much as 90%, disrupting our oceans’ ecosystems. It’s up to us to stop this.

Iris Ho / HSI