Large-eyed, long-tailed lemurs are complex primates who belong exclusively in Madagascar.

Although lemurs’ cute and cuddly appearance makes them easy to anthropomorphize, they’re wild animals with highly specialized physical and psychological needs.

Lemur in temporary holding area at the Black Beauty Ranch
Gareth Patterson
AP Images for the HSUS
Lemurs are wild animals, not pets or tourist attractions.

Many of the estimated 100 lemur species are endangered due to human-caused habitat loss and the illegal meat and pet trades, particularly the trade of ring-tailed lemurs, who are commonly found in roadside zoos and hands-on encounters. When lemurs are captured and sold, not only is their removal catastrophic to local lemur populations, but they experience extreme and ongoing distress.

Lemurs at the Camino Zoologico in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, before they were removed and transported to Black Beauty Ranch
Meredith Lee
Did you know?

The smallest lemur species weighs just over 1 ounce and measures about 3.5 inches tall.

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