Mink are semi-aquatic mammals similar in appearance to weasels and ferrets.

Their soft, waterproof fur is an asset in water, but can also be a fatal disadvantage—many suffer in inhumane living conditions and endure cruel euthanasia methods in the fur industry. Mink belong in the wild, not our wardrobes; make compassion your fashion and let mink wear their own coats.

Mink swimming
Fred Lord
Alamy Stock Photo
Mink farming is harmful to public health.

Zoonotic diseases can spread from mink to humans and mink who manage to escape fur farms can then infect wild animals.

Two mink in a wire cage on fur farm
Jo-Anne McArthur
SPCA Montreal
Did you know?

Mink are solitary animals who usually live near bodies of water. They have oily coats and partially webbed feet to help them swim.

A male mink at a fur farm

By taking a stand against the fur industry in refusing to purchase its products, you’ll encourage designers to stop using fur and other animal skins, retailers to stop selling them and style writers to stop touting cruelty as fashionable.

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals